Feedstuff analysis

Analysis of feedstuff for their nutritional value is necessary to be able to make ‘balanced’ rations.
‘Balanced’ rations are rations that are carefully calculated to fit the nutritional need of the group of animals that they are fed to.

Currently we are using the results of analysis made in “Eurofins Agro Testing Wageningen B.V.” laboratory located in Moscow region. Furthermore, for ration calculations the following values are used: DM – Dry Matter in %, VEM/DM kg (milk) – Dutch feeding units per 1 kg Dry Matter of the feedstuff, DVE (1991) – Digestible Intestinal Protein, OEB – Rumen Energy and Nitrogen Balance, Structure Value.

In case of lack of the necessary results at once we use nutritional values from our data base untill the appropriate results are obtained.

The moisture (dry matter) of feedstuffs like silages, senages, beet pulp and fresh green mass can vary a lot as it is brought daily from the storages or the fields. Differences in dry matter can unbalance a ration if the rations are not updated for these changes in dry matter. Therefore we advise that every farm should have the facility to do this Dry Matter Analysis on the farm.

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