Herd Health Consultancy has developed an integrated feeding system for dairy farms. This means that the feeding system is integrated with the farm design and the farm management system.

The feeding system uses ‘ad-lib’ feeding of a TMR-recipe to groups of animals that have the same nutritional needs. ‘Ad-lib’ feeding means that animals are allowed to eat as much as they want.

The farm is designed to divide your herd, both young stock and milking cows into groups of animals that have the same nutritional requirements and that can be fed the same TMR-recipe.

We calculate in total six TMR-recipe’s to feed all animals on the farm.

We have developed a Ration Calculator to calculate these six TMR-recipes.

Furthermore this Ration Calculator calculates:

• How much of which recipe should be brought to what group of animals (feed delivery),
• How much feedstuffs will be necessary for a certain period (crops planning),
• How much feedstuffs are still in storage (stock management),
• Composition and cost of combi-corms if required,
• How much milk can be produced at what cost (milk production planning),
• How much growth can be expected at what cost (growth rates planning)

You can see an example of this Ration Calculator on page Ration Calculator.
You can find more back ground information on the TMR system on the page TMR system.

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