Feeding is one of the most decisive factors for economically successful dairy farming. Feeding is about:

• what you feed, what feedstuffs you use,
• how you feed, what feeding system you use.

For successful feeding you need to know what you put in, so thorough analysis of the used feedstuffs is required. You also need to monitor carefully the output, so the produced amount of milk protein and milk fat has to be calculated. We advise to use a Klever-2 milk analyser to analyse milk fat and milk protein to check your feeding efficiency.

The feeding system you choose depends on which animals you want to feed, how many animals you want to feed and what kind of housing facilities you have available.

The most economical way of feeding is to feed Total Mixed Rations with a feeder mixer wagon.

Herd Health Consultancy offers you an integrated TMR feeding system, including ration calculations for calves, young stock, bulls and cows that fit the economical requirements as calculated in the Quick-Scan.

If you are interested to know what integrated TMR feeding system would be available for your situation, don’t hesitate to Contact us or Leave your contact details and we will contact you.