Farm management

Farm management is feeding, breeding and milking cows, rearing replacement female young stock and fattening male young stock in such a way that optimal economical results are achieved.

Herd Health Consultancy can help you with:

• a cow management system that can be integrated with any stable type, even the traditional Russian tie-stall system.
young stock management systems that can be used for both ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ housing and for bull fattening as well
feeding management systems for ‘Total Mixed Rations’ for milking cows, young stock of all ages and bulls.

Herd Health Consultancy offers you integrated farm management systems, meaning that we fit the management systems to the farm design and the economical requirements as calculated in the Quick-Scan.

If you are interested to know what integrated farm management system would be available for your situation, don’t hesitate to Contact us or Leave your contact details and we will contact you.