Farm economics

The fundamental business of a dairy farm is the processing of low value vegetable materials into high value animal materials. In other words, turning cheap feedstuffs into expensive milk.
This already implicates that it only makes economical sense to produce milk if you can produce, or have available, suitable cheap feedstuffs and if you can sell the milk at at a good price.
Herd Health Consultancy has developed a Quick-Scan that allows you to see quickly whether you can create the correct conditions for economically successful milk production.

This Quick-Scan uses the following parameters:

• Annual milk production of the cows,
• Size of the herd,
• Feeding cost (for calculation see Feeding)
• Cow cost (for calculation see Cows)
• Labour cost
• Housing cost (for calculation see Farm Design)
• Financing cost

If you are interested to have this quick-scan done for your situation, don’t hesitate to Contact us or Leave your contact details and we will contact you. Herd Health Consultancy does this initial Quick-Scan free of charge.