The cow barn design has a big influence on the technical results of a farm. The most commonly made mistake is that a cow barn is designed to house the maximum amount of cows per square meter of building. The technical parameter that people have in mind is the construction cost per available cow place in the barn.

This is wrong thinking. The technical parameter that you should have in mind is the construction cost per litre of milk produced in the barn.

After all, you are not constructing a place to park your cows, but you are constructing a place where you want your cows to produce as much milk of the highest quality as possible for as long as possible. To calculate for your situation how much money is gained or lost with longer or shorter productive life expectancy of your cows see page Cow Cost Calculation

A good barn:

• gives all cows in the barn the possibility to reach their maximum feed intake,
• functions equally well between outside temperatures of minus 30 0C and plus 30 0C,
• facilitates breeding (heat detection, insemination, pregnancy detection) without interference with usual farm management
• facilitates low stress selection/regrouping of cows without interference with usual farm management
• facilitates veterinary activities (blood collection, vaccination, inspection/selection) without interference with usual farm management
• keeps the cows clean for faster milking and high quality milk
• always has dry conditions for less cow problems and less maintenance of the building (see also page Barn Climate Conditions)

We can consult you on the design of a cow barn that meets the requirements for your dairy farm and functions as an integrated part of it

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