Cows are the ‘processing plants’ for milk production on a dairy farm. For economic milk production you need your cows to produce as efficient as possible for as long as possible.

The longer a cow can produce milk, the cheaper is the cost for your cow. You can calculate the effect of the length of the productive life of a cows on their cost with the Cow Cost Calculator. You will see that longer or shorter productive life of a cow is the difference between success or failure of a dairy farm.

The efficiency for milk production in a cow is very much genetically determined. We offer cow management systems that make it possible to select the most efficient milking cows from your herd.
We can also consult you on what type of bull can be used for upgrading your local cows and we can advise you on the use of sexed semen.

We can help you to purchase good quality Holstein heifers in Holland or Germany. For delivery of heifers we cooperate with Schaap Agro Holland.

You find the selection specifications for delivery of heifers on page Heifer specification.

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