Mastitis, the inflammation of the udder, causes severe economic losses on a dairy farm.

We distinguish two types of mastitis problem:

1. The ‘clinical’ mastitis. You can see that the udder is swollen and that abnormal milk is produced. The economic loss is the lowered amount of milk produced and maybe the entire cow is lost.
2. The ‘subclinical’ mastitis. The cow does not seem to be ill, the milk looks normal. Only when you check the milk for the number of white blood cells (‘somatic cell count’) you will find that this number of white blood cells is increased, indicating a chronic inflammation. Clinical mastitis can turn into subclinical mastitis if not treated properly and subclinical mastitis can turn into clinical mastitis again. The economic loss is that the milk of one cow can increase the cell count of the bulk milk to such a level that the processing plant will degrade or not even accept your milk.

The housing facilities, the milking equipment, the milking procedures and the treatment of mastitis cows have big influences on the incidence of mastitis.

We advise to check and service the milking parlour at least once a year. We have a calculator to help you calculate how often the teat liners should be replaced.

We can consult farm staff and personnel on milking techniques, on the use of teat-dips, on the use of dry-cow injectors, on the treatment of mastitis cows, on management and housing to suit your situation.

We offer integrated housing, feeding and management systems that decrease mastitis in your herd.
We also offer consultation to upgrade your existing housing, feeding and management systems to reduce the occurrence of mastitis in your herd.

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