Lameness in dairy cows can be an important reason for early culling and unnecessary loss of cows.

Housing related problems that cause lameness are:

• Slippery floors that make cows fall down and sustain such injuries that they cannot stand up anymore.
• Wet, dirty floors because of poor manure removal and poor ventilation cause skin conditions like Necrobacillosis.

Management related problems that cause lameness are:

• Lack of movement of the cow. Because of this the hoofs don’t wear down, become too long and get fissures and ulcers.
• Lack of knowledge how to perform preventive manicuring of hoofs.

A feeding related problem that causes lameness is:

• Feeding unbalanced rations. Overfeeding cows with fast fermentable carbohydrates and proteins will cause a hoof disease called ‘laminitis’.

We can consult farm staff and personnel how to early diagnose and treat hoof problems and how to use footbaths.

We offer integrated housing, feeding and management systems that minimise lameness problems in your cows.
We also offer consultation to upgrade your existing housing, feeding and management systems to reduce the occurrence of lameness in your herd.

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