Animal Health

Cows on a dairy farm function as ‘production machines’ that process feedstuffs into milk. You can compare the animal health department on your farm with the maintenance department in a factory with ordinary production machines. The maintenance department will notice whether the machines are operated in the right way and know from the problems that appear what mistakes the operator has made. In the same way health problems in cows appear that indicate that something is wrong with the way that these cows are ‘operated’.

Typical problems in cows that appear because of wrong ‘operation’ are:

Digestive tract disorders
Reproductive disorders

These are the same problems that are the main causes for early culling of cows on dairy farms.

We can consult farm staff and personnel how these health problems relate to wrong ‘operating’ procedures and train them in the correct ‘operating’ procedures.

We offer integrated housing, feeding and management systems that will allow correct ‘operating’ conditions for your cows.
We also offer consultation to upgrade your existing housing, feeding and management systems to improve your current ‘operating’ conditions.

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